Friday, March 7, 2014

Update of the One Lake Project

Apparently most of the right parties are on board with the One Lake Plan advocated by the Pearl River Vision Foundation; this includes the Levee Board (chaired by Mayor Rhoads), the City of Jackson, Greater Jackson Chamber, and (unofficially) the Army Corps of Engineers.  The Northside Sun reports a feasibility study paid for by the PRVF, and conducted by Mendrop Engineering Consultants, is to be completed by this Summer.  Before it's finished, the feasibility study will cost $1.8 million.   The Army Corps will then review all prior feasibility studies and plans before moving forward with some type of action.  It is estimated the One Lake Project itself will cost $130 million and create 1,500 acres of waterfront property.  It is not expected to interfere with the proposed Federal National Wildlife Refuge under consideration north of Lakeland Drive.

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Been a long time since "throw down at the levee board"