Friday, March 21, 2014

Yesterday's PRVWSD Board Meeting (Draw Hunt Update)

It was nice to be able to attend a PRVWSD Board Meeting.  I appreciate the Board and staff agreeing to hold an "after-hours" meeting at the Reservoir Community Center.  It went well.  There are a couple of items I want to report on, the first being changes made to the paid-hunt system.

Bobby Cleveland reported a grand total of 7 deer had been harvested (or at least checked in by hunters) through the draw permit system (3 bucks and 4 does).  This number was too low to satisfy the PRVWSD; as a result they are making changes to the system to encourage usage.  I agree with these changes and believe they will increase the popularity of the hunts.

The most significant change is that the permit fee ($300 below Spillway Dam; $200 at Pelahatchie Bay) can now be shared by two hunters, rather than just one.  This effectively cuts the permit cost in half.

Another significant change is the permit will be good from Thursday through Sunday.  That provides four days of continuous hunting.  The permit areas will be closed to all activity save scouting by drawn hunters on Tuesdays and Wednesday.  This includes closure of Mule Jail Trail to the general public from September 29 through January 31.

Once I get back into the office, I'll attach a copy of the changes.


Anonymous said...

I hope they take out the heard of deer I've been seeing most every night at the Ridgeland end of Spillway. Right on the side of the road... 10-20 sets of eyes feeding right on the road. Waiting on a car or a motorcycle to catch one in the road... :(

B Mitchell said...

I have no objection to hunting as a method of wildlife management, but the scenario created here is goofy. Four months of the year, Mule Jail Trail is closed to everyone except a handful of hunters. This is sad evidence, maybe, that it's too dangerous to be in the same area or risk being mistaken for a deer. Maybe just the odd chance of being in the line of fire is the concern. What if a person won a spot in the draw and chose not to hunt, but collect scientific data on wildlife in the area?