Monday, April 14, 2014

Debris-fing You on Clean Up Week

Hopefully you didn't trash that RC Waste Management bill.  On it, we were reminded the new rate increase goes into effect on July 1, 2014.  The regular rate goes to $50.  Senior citizens and disabled individuals will pay $25.

In further junky news, Rankin County Cleanup Week is April 28 through May 3.  This is your chance to rid yourself of bulky items, tires, limbs, and like items.  Various drop-off places will litter the county that week. In the reservoir, that would include Fire Station No. 3 on the Northshore, and Sandhill Library in Pisgah. This opportunity isn't rubbish; don't waste it.

A reminder from our discussion last year, "white goods" are large electrical appliances commonly used in your house for domestic puposes, i.e., refrigerators and washing machines.


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Anonymous said...

Please explain how Rankin County can FORCE anyone to pay for garbage pick up when it was NOT requested. Some people, like business owners, can dispose their garbage at their business dumpster.
Can government MAKE you pay for a service that you don't ask for?