Monday, April 7, 2014

New Water Level Information

According to the National Weather Service, the following happens at the following river level:
43.28Major flooding is occurring in the Jackson area which includes downtown and most of Northeast Jackson.
38A large number of homes are flooded in Northeast Jackson and water is in some buildings in downtown Jackson.
35.79Water is close to entering homes in Northeast Jackson.
35.4Water begins to enter homes in the Hightower area.
35Some businesses are affected near Town Creek.
33Rosemary road is closed. Sidney Street is impassable. There is water on West Street. The Playing field off Westbrook Road is underwater. There is water on Nichols and Julienne Streets in the Hightower area; however, both are passable. Water is approaching Packs Auto Detail Shop on South West Street.
32Water begins to affect businesses on South President and South Farish Streets. Sidney Street is flooded.
31Water begins to impact approaches to additional homes and businesses in the Byram area.
30Water backs up into several creeks and streams in the Jackson area. Water is under some homes near the river in the Byram area.
29Farmland in Southern Rankin County begins to flood and water begins to affect homes near the river in the Byram area.
28Minor flooding of lowland near the river is occurring. Water begins to back up into several creeks and streams in the Jackson area.
26Roads near the river in Lefleurs Bluff State Park begin to flood.
24The Waste Water Treatment Plant loses its natural outflow and must initiate pumping.

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