Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reservoir Articles in the Rankin County News

This week, the following articles may be of interest:

  --  Bill could pave way for Conference Center.  SB 2990 passed both houses and awaits the Governor's signature.  This bill allows Flowood residents to vote whether to approve an additional 2 percent tax on hotel rooms in the city.  The revenue would go towards the construction of a conference center.  Sixty percent of the voters must approve the tax for it to go into effect.

  --  Warmer day temps should accelerate Old Fannin work.  Officials hope for completion by the end of this year.  Don't forget designated bike lanes will be on both sides of the road.  "We're getting closer to the peak period of construction, no doubt about it," said project engineer Jake Keys.

  --  Jackson Police assists Flowood, apprehends missing suspect.  Flowood got their man.  Gary M. Stiff, who earlier led Flowood PD on a high speed chase with a baby in the back seat, was apprehended by Jackson PD and handed over to Flowood.  Stiff will be prosecuted for fleeing law enforcement, a felony.  He also faces multiple traffic offenses.  Previous stories here and here.

  -- JP Seniors donate Pounding the Pavement race proceeds for cancer research.  Anna Grace Buchanan lost her father to cancer.  She and Cara Lee Crawford, both affected by the disease in their families, organized the Pounding the Pavement 5K.  Now in its second year, the Jackson Prep Senior Class donated $14,360.11 to further cancer research at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.  See earlier story.

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Anonymous said...

UMC Cancer "research" ONLY researched what the FDA, and BIG PHARMA tell them to research.

More costly "treatments" that do more harm than good and never a "cure".

there are hundreds of CURES out there, however they are not profitable, therefore they are not researched.
Only the American Cancer Society has started researching curcumin and DCA as possible cures.

Follow the money trail and understand, that most likely, although your hearts are in the right place, you may be doing more harm than good, by feeding the Big Pharma greed machine.