Saturday, May 3, 2014

PRVWSD Email Notifications

The PRVWSD recently instituted a new initiative to keep the community informed of events and other topics of interest involving the Ross Barnett Reservoir.  This initiative involves a weekly email.  If you are not receiving the email, and would like to, contact Cindy Ford, Executive Assistant at the PRVWSD, at

Included in this past week's email is the following:

The Board of Directors has approved a water and sewer rate adjustment.  The adjustment will increase the minimum charge for the first 3000 gallons of water and sewer to $14 (water) and $16 (sewer).  The volumetric charge for water and sewer service over 3,000 will be increased to $4.25 (water) and $5.75 (sewer).   The will also be a 5% annual volumetric increase FY2016 through FY2020.  Customers will see the increase on their July 2014 billing.

·         Discussions continue on the Lake User Permit Fee.  Staff is continuing to coordinate the implementation and take comments on Lake User Permits.  The target date for implementation is January 2015.

·         PRVWSD will exhibit again at the 2014 Wildlife Extravaganza August 1, 2 & 3.  The Special Permit Hunt applications will be ready for distribution at this year’s event.  The Board of Directors approved changes to the hunts to allow for a better experience and a longer season.

·         The REZ tag presales have reached 206.  Only 94 more needed to complete our 300 goal.  Sign-up now if you haven’t already!

·         The vehicle traffic control fee will be collected at the public parks on weekends and holidays beginning this Saturday May 3rd.   The fee will be $5.00 per vehicle for admission to Lakeshore Park, Pelahatchie Shore Park and Old Trace Park after 12 o’clock noon on weekends and holidays.  An annual pass is available for purchase for $30.00 at the PRVWSD Payment and Permit office.

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