Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Election Results (Unofficial Results)

In Rankin County, 29,020 total votes were cast in yesterday's runoff.  This is up from 26,406 just three weeks ago.  

Thad Cochran carried Rankin County by a much larger margin this time:  14,902 votes to McDaniel's 13,374 votes.  

Gary Windham wins the Constable election over Charles Lindsey 3,256 to 2,612 votes.  

I don't believe this includes absentee ballots, but I could be wrong.  If absentees change anything, I will update.  Go to this link to check for yourself, and for even more detail on the precincts.


Anonymous said...

How Lindsay conned all those folks to vote for him I'll never know. Glad we dodged that bullet.

Anonymous said...

AGREED! I really struggled to understand how people can put public support for a known crook on their business and in their yard.