Monday, June 23, 2014

Reservoir Author Publishes Books

D.K. White, a local Reservoir-area author, recently published two books:  1) 501 Little-Known Facts, Obscure Trivia, World Records and Historical Minutia from the State of Mississippi, and 2) Allergic to Work.  From promotional materials supplied by D.K. White:

501 Little-Known Facts, Obscure Trivia, World Records and Historical Minutia from the State of Mississippi.
·           --  Published by Nautilus Publishing (Taylor, Mississippi); originally released September 2012
·           --  Available on,, and
·           --  White gathered facts for this book through library research, internet research, the Department of Archives, and personal knowledge
·           --  White’s goal for this book was to include trivia that the average Mississippian would not
already know
·           --  Categories include Celebrity & Entertainment, Disasters, Sports, Literature & Journalism, The Civil War, Business & Commerce, Agriculture, Strange Names, Native Mississippians, and much more.

Allergic to Work
·           --  Published by Itoh Press (Bowling Green, Kentucky); originally released May 2013
·           --  Available in print or e-book format; sold at and
·          --   Humor fiction novel set on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 1974
·           --  Synopsis:  Two hell-raising high school boys use their employment at a grocery as their own amusement park, knowing graduation into the real world means the end of all fun. Then, one bag boy, Tadpole, takes it beyond fun and begins using the store as his personal cash cow, rigging the weekly cash drawing and doctoring the books to steal beer and cigarettes that he sells to underage teens county-wide. When he meets a local shy beauty and falls for her, his inexperience at love raises his angst to new levels. Communication is hard as the girl has a major speech impediment and Tadpole never knows what to say or do when he’s around her, but he eventually learns. Meanwhile, everyone Tadpole encounters has a nickname and if they don’t he makes it his duty to stick one on them.
·           --  Each chapter is variation of a Willie Nelson song

White started the first twenty-eight years of his career in banking; only after the 2008 recession hit was he able to focus fully on writing, which he had been doing in free-time before. He now works at Mercedes Benz of Jackson but still continues to write.  He graduated from Gulfport East High School, attended Ole Miss, and graduated from the University Alabama, majoring in history.  Currently living in Brandon, MS, he has been married for 31 years, has three children, and one granddaughter. 

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