Thursday, June 5, 2014

Resort Status Update

As of today, the Barnett Reservoir Foundation has approximately 1,360 signatures.  The target is 1,600 certified signatures.  The Foundation will have another sign and drive next week at the Goshen Springs boat ramp.


Anonymous said...

I think that they would get a lot more signatures if people knew the boundaries of this. I never even thought of signing this because I live in Oak Grove (Far away from lease hold land) but today I found a door tag on my door about the sign and drive. I never use my front door so its a little late. Also, I see a lot of info on the sign and drives but don't even have a clue where else to sign the petition. (assuming that I am eligible).

Troy Odom said...

Only those who reside on leasehold land are eligible to sign the petition. Oak Grove is not leasehold. Riverchase, and the Barnett Bend between, are leasehold. Leaseholders can also stop by the PRVWSD headquarters to sign the petition, or they can print off their own from the website (or The Rez News).