Friday, June 20, 2014

Voter Precinct Information

On June 3, with the changes in precincts and polling locations came confusion, voter apathy, and extremely low voter turnout.  Don't let that happen again!  It is imperative Rankin County, which has so much riding on this election, get out and vote Tuesday, June 24.  

So Average-Joe-Rankin-County-Voter-Person didn't get out and vote on June 3 because they were tired of the negative campaigning, and don't like either candidate.  I get it.  You made your point on June 3. However, this is not an unimportant election.  Now is time to put on your big boy pants and do your civic duty.  The dichotomy between the candidates is stark.  According to Mayors Rhoads, Lee, Scarborough, all of the Rankin County Supervisors, and Transportation Director Dick Hall, federal funding for important infrastructure projects (like the widening of Lakeland Drive) hinges on Cochran's reelection. On the other hand, Cochran's opponent vows to cut that pork in order to save our country from imminent destruction.  

Get out and vote!  Click the link below to find your polling location:

By Street Address.

Also, feel free to peruse the map and other information on previous posts.

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