Wednesday, July 9, 2014

No Camping on Houseboat Island

The discussion below about the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area, and Houseboat Island's role within it, got me thinking.  I looked up the Pearl River WMA Regulations and noticed where camping is prohibited within the WMA.  Which means, it is unlawful to camp on Houseboat Island.  

Being the maverick that I am, I'll admit to camping on Houseboat Island in the past (statute of limitations has run, sorry).  It was the most miserable camping experience I've had.  The view, peace and solitude was great, but everything else made for a miserable time.  There was no firewood to be found, the sand fleas ran us inside the tent shortly after sundown, and the temperature never dipped below 90 (or so it seemed), all night long.  We couldn't dash into the water to escape the bugs or heat because the alligators encircled the island.  At night, we would swipe the flashlight across the water and see tens of eyes gleaming back at us. Interestingly, once the light hit them, the eyes would slowly slide toward the island. Memories made, but I'm not sad I can't go back. 

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