Monday, July 7, 2014

Sandbar Registration? Updated

I recently received the following email:

Good morning,

I have just been told that people were turned away from some of the Madison County side sand bars on the upper Pearl River over the weekend because they didn’t have the proper documentation in the form of a “registration” to authorize them to use the sand bar (Houseboat Island). Is this possibly a misunderstanding? I hear this registration must be obtained and presented to a PRV Officer by EACH PERSON on the boat, not just the boat owner.

I know of no registration requirement to park a boat at the sandbars upriver.  It may be that the individuals turned away were attempting to leave certain items overnight on the sandbar, like tents, chairs, coolers, or etc. In that case, the new Camping Regulations would kick in since the definition of "camping" would include "storing personal belongings" on a sandbar.   

Have any of my readers been required to "register" to use a sandbar?

Update as of July 8:  Apparently the MS Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks possesses the authority to require any individual on a sandbar within the Pearl River WMA to possess a WMA User Permit. This would apply to everyone on the sandbar, not just the boat captain.  WMA Permits are roughly $17.  I have it on good authority the MDWFP does not intend to enforce this unless individuals need it enforced upon them, i.e., creating a nuisance of themselves.  Of course, the only real sandbar within the WMA is Houseboat Island, so the breadth of this rule may be limited.


Brad said...

I was at Houseboat Island Friday, July 4th. 2 MWDFP officers pulled up to the sandbar and one got off and walked up to the wooded area then walked back and spoke to the other officer. The other officer then told all the boats that we weren't allowed to be on the sandbar without a WMA permit and alcohol was not allowed on the sandbar. He told us we could go across to the other side (Rankin) or go back to the big water. Two weeks prior we were on the same sandbar and two different game wardens pulled up and hung out, handing out MDWFP bracelets promoting wearing life jackets. They didn't say anything about not being allowed on the sandbar or needing a permit. There were no tents set up on July 4th but one group did have a sun canopy set up. Apparently you must have a WMA permit to stop on the sandbar.

Anonymous said...

MDF&W has began requiring a WMA permit to camp on WMA property just as PRVWSD requires it for camping on PRVWSD property. MDF&W, and PRVWSD are not issuing citations for camping infractions this summer due to the fact that both permitting systems are new this summer, but will be next summer. Unlike PRVWSD property NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED on WMA property. If you have any questions just ask a Game Warden or if you see one of us Reservoir P.D. guys on the river we are pretty familiar with it to. NOTE* WMA property is marked by the brown WMA signs the Rez website has an interactive map ( ) check the hunting area box, and that will give you a basic idea of where the WMAs are.

RobS said...

Define storing.

If your not sitting in your beach chair, or your family is not standing under your sun canopy /ezup

Troy Odom said...

Storing, as used in the regulation, I believe refers to placing items unattended on the sandbar with the intent of leaving it there overnight.