Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Beef Jerky Outlet?

Reading this week's Flowood Chamber electronic newsletter, I happened across an announcement for new chamber member, The Beef Jerky Outlet.  I assumed this was a "funny" the chamber employees slipped in to the newsletter to see if anyone actually reads it.  Upon further review, and much to my surprise, there is an actual chain of stores across the country that specialize in selling jerky of all kinds.  I kid you not. Convenience store jerky is not good enough for American palates; bring on the jerky outlet store!

Hold on to your over haul jumpers, Rankin County is getting two Beef Jerky Outlets!  One at 257 Ridge Way, Building M, Suite 257, Flowood, and the other in Pearl somewhere (I assume the outlet mall).

Curious about The Beef Jerky Outlet, listen to their story (below the jump), but before you do, "like" them on Facebook:

The Beef Jerky Outlet story is pretty simple really. Take the highest quality USDA approved jerky you can find and build a store around it. Make it in small batches so it will always be fresh. Fill the store with so many varieties and flavors of “made in the good old USA” jerky that folks will be amazed. Oh yeah, make the experience fun too. Give out lots of free samples so guests will not HOPE they like their choice . . . they will KNOW they LOVE it! Fill in any extra space with some of the best popcorns, cheeses, peanut butters (the list goes on and on) and even throw in some bug suckers . . . just for fun. The simple idea is - everyday and in all ways create an atmosphere that jerky lovers and their families can come into and relax. If you see some of our guests kind of dancing around the store while sampling some truly great jerky you’ll get what we mean.
Now it might seem like the idea was obvious. After all, people love great beef jerky right? Why wouldn’t there be a store featuring it? Well you should have seen the looks on some of our relative’s faces when they heard what we were up to. You should have seen the look on our BANKERS faces when we pitched the idea to them. Horror films have less tormented looking faces in them than what we were looking at across the desk. So we gave them a little jerky and the rest as they say is history.
So the long and the short of it is, we took a simple idea and added some fun. We opened the doors and hoped you would come in. And boy have you come. Every day we are motivated to keep it going and keep making it better. It’s all for you, the jerky lover who for too long was neglected and force fed inferior mass market jerky. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy doing it for you.

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