Thursday, August 7, 2014

Costco Coming to Flowood?

The rumor on the street for quite some time has been that Costco was eyeing the Pinelands across from the Flowood Wal-mart for its first Mississippi location.  The Clarion Ledger confirmed the rumor today, noting, insofar as Flowood is concerned, Costco is looking at both the Pinelands and a Dogwood Festival location.  In addition, they are courting the City of Jackson, by considering Smith-Wills Stadium's current location.  

You can't imagine the Smith-Wills Stadium location will be attractive insofar as the stadium would have to be torn down.  Plus, I imagine the Flowood city council would be far easier to deal with than the City of Jackson's unpredictable one.  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

think the hold up in Flowood is the no liquor law.
sure hope they come though, I've heard they are much better than sam's and with the sams being in Pearl and moving to Madison the Flowood location makes good sense.