Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bird Feeders Accidentally Deemed Illegal

Brian Broom, of the Clarion Ledger's, careful review of a recent law change provided Mississippi with new acclaim:  The website watchdog.org bestowed Mississippi with the "Nanny State of the Week" award after the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks promulgated new wildlife feeding regulations that prohibit supplemental feeding within 100 yards of your house.  While this was aimed primarily at deer feeders, the unintended consequence of the plain language of the regulation was banning backyard bird feeders.  Never fear, domestic ornithologists, the Department intends to correct the oversight in poor language.  Until then, pray you don't find Barney Fife prowling through your bushes with his ticket book in hand.


Anonymous said...

So I guess this would include the people who put an ear of corn on a stake for a squirrel feeder out the kitchen window?
This Nanny State and stupid rules from the MDWFP stuff is getting out of hand. We have an over population of deer in the state, people being killed on motorcycles and injured in cars from deer collisions, and they still want limits, feeding rules, etc and won't face the real dangers of overpopulation... :sigh:

Anonymous said...

They had to pass the new rule to find out what's in it.