Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mississippi's Second Amendment Weekend Holiday

Friday marks the beginning of Mississippi's inaugural sportsman's sales tax holiday.  From Friday, September 5, through Sunday the 7th, certain hunting items will be sales tax free (so, basically, an additional 7% off). Before you head in to Discount Hunting and Fishing or Academy Sports, you may want to brush up on the specific items not included in this bonanza. According to Senate Bill 2425, signed into law by the Governor during the 2014 legislative session, only "firearms, ammunition, . . . archery equipment, firearm and archery cases, firearm and archery accessories, hearing protection, holsters, belts, and slings" are tax free. While this includes obvious items like guns, bullets, and targets, this does not include many items normally considered hunting accessories like game cameras, game calls, tree stands, or camouflage clothing. Below, I've posted the Official, Handy-Dandy Guide to Mississippi's Second Amendment Holiday and Hootinanny, as published by the Mississippi Department of Revenue. Below that is the wording of the actual law, in case any of you want to argue with your local retailer that a gun cabinet (you're paying sales tax on that) is the same as a gun case (tax free).

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Anonymous said...

Is hunting such a necessity that our revenue-challenged state should offer a tax holiday for hunting items?

I find it questionable that we do that for back-to-school. At least school is a necessity, even if the back-to-school tax holiday is surely used by legions who aren't in school.

I'm neither or hunter nor a student. Can we get a tax holiday on buying cars? A tax holiday on dining out sounds good too. Shake that money tree.