Monday, September 22, 2014

Smokin on the Rez Upcoming

Gator Bait and LatinFest are over.  There are still a number of big events left at the Reservoir this year, including the Arts and Crafts Festival, a few races, and Rez YMCA Polar Bear Jump. However, next on the agenda is the Smokin' on the Rez.  

Every bit of the skinny on the Smokin' on the Rez can be found here.  This is the second year for this festival.  It is put on by the Barnett Reservoir Foundation, and the proceeds fund the Foundation's numerous activities throughout the year (like the Independence Day fireworks).  It takes place October 24 and 25 at Old Trace Park, on the Ridgeland side of things.  Two days of serious-business bbq smoking (it's a Memphis in May qualifier), music, and more.  Lo Cash Cowboys and Hanalena headline the music fest.  

Bobby Cleveland, spokesman for the festival, is speaking to the Flowood Rotary Club on September 30, at Table 100 at noon, about the Festival.  You are invited to come and listen.  

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