Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Special Car Tag to "Stop Child Abuse"

Kind of hard not to get behind this effort.  From a friend:

Good morning!

I serve on The Mississippi Children's Trust Fund which was created by the Mississippi Legislature in 1989 to encourage and provide financial assistance in helping prevent child abuse and neglect.

We have an initiative going right now that many can help us with. We're pre-selling car tags to help us with our child abuse prevention efforts throughout Mississippi. For only $31, you can get the attached car tag and
$24 of the purchase will go to helping our preventative efforts!

We must pre-sell 300 by October 15, 2014 in order for production to begin.
Please help us meet our goal, so we can help these precious children of our state!

If you've seen the ads on TV or billboards, or heard the radio spots about leaving children in hot cars, that's just one of the efforts we've taken on to help raise awareness. There is so much more we do to help children in need throughout our state, and this money will go a long way toward all of those positive programs!

It's so simple if you're willing. Simply fill out the attached Application and return. If we sell 300, then you're in the mix. If not, then you're money is returned to you.

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