Monday, October 6, 2014

Interesting Article About Costco

The Jackson Free Press ran an interesting article about the imminent Costco location, some one which touched on Rankin County.  Read the full article here.  From the article:

  • "Costco has also expressed interest in two other locations along Lakeland Drive in Rankin County, but stringent liquor laws in that area make them less desirable for the retailer. . . . The big-box store has shown interest in two other Flowood locations on Lakeland Drive—both in Rankin County, which is largely dry. Costco is reserved about the Flowood locations for that reason, but Jackson leaders worry that if Flowood can accommodate Costco's requirements while Jackson refuses, it could be an economic blow to the city."

1 comment:

msqueenkw97 said...

Accommodate them by any means necessary! I need my Costco. It is much better than Sam's (not that we even have one of those stores). It is Sam's on steroids with wonderful holiday items, electronic values and great grocery shopping. Please make this happen, it was my favorite store in ATL!