Friday, October 17, 2014

New Haunted House to Add* UPDATED

*UPDATED*  Be advised, there is significant information on line indicating this is a scam. The website is still up, and it still lists Jackson, MS as a location. I certainly would not buy tickets to this thing online.  Rather, (if I was into this sort of thing) I would buy tickets at the door.

So, apparently there is a company called "America is Haunted", that operates high-end haunted houses around the country, including one in Jackson, Mississippi.  The Jackson version is called Terror in a Barn, and is located at 197 North Gallatin Street, Jackson, MS.  It takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete, and is limited to ages 17 and older.

According to the America is Haunted website:

America Is Haunted is a night time experience designed to take you back to the fright-filled  state Halloween should be. With more than 42 locations around the country we have built a two-year track record of sold out haunts! Our unique combination of eccentric gory entertainment draws tens of thousands in revellers annually.

Inside the technicolour maze a selection of horrific surprises awaits as you visit an inner chamber where things take an incredibly scary turn. Here, visitors are taken into a maximum-security prison taken over by the unhinged inmates.

Get some fresh air as revelers drift towards Night of The Dead and join adult spirits.  It is believed that the gates of hell are opened and the spirits come back to visit their families.  Only no one here is related to them!

Groupon is offering a deal for the next two days.  The description from the Groupon site:

As Halloween approaches, dozens of macabre vistas appear across the country, frightening but somehow also beckoning groups of visitors. The masterminds behind these apparitions? America Is Haunted, a company that has fear down to a science. That starts with the element of surprise, as each location holds its own secrets and scares. Six terrifying mazes, eight mini-shows, more than 300 monsters, goblins, and ghouls including larger-than-life rats, spiders, and gargoyles, as well as interactive experiences, gory vignettes, and costumed actors await throughout each attraction. The escorted journey may begin with a disorienting, technicolor maze where each turn brings guests face to face with some new horror. Other locales might include a maximum-security prison where the inmates run wild or a grocery store where the cereal is all the healthy kind.


Anonymous said...

Just being on Gallatin is scary enough!

Hob Gobblin said...

Other haunted areas of Jackson would include, but not limited to most of Bailey Ave., all of the areas around Jackson State, any area that the Stokeses represent, Kenuff & Hatsy both, McDowell Rd. and any road that branches off McDowell Rd., .............

Anonymous said...

Please spread the word - this is a scam. These haunts do not exist. Google "america is haunted scam" to follow all our research. Not all of their locations are empty - two I spot checked both had businesses there that knew nothing about a haunt. Surprise!