Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Week at the Rez

From the PRVWSD:

·               Barnett Reservoir Arts & Crafts Fair:
The Barnett Reservoir’s first Arts & Crafts Fair will take place Saturday, November 15th from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at Lakeshore Park in Brandon. Free Admission and plenty of parking on the grounds. We have 40 vendors already signed up which include such artists as: wood workers, photographers, oil and watercolor painters, potters, furniture makers, stained glass artists, up-cycle artistry, metal works and jewelry makers. This is the opportunity to shop local, for one of a kind gifts, with the beautiful park and reservoir as your backdrop.

·               Pearl River Coordinating Committee:
The Biannual Meeting of the Pearl River Coordinating Committee will meet today at the PRVWSD main office boardroom. Committee members from such agencies as National Weather Services, USGS, MEMA, FEMA, USACE and NOAA are included. This committee reviews major weather events in past year, river gage data, operational plans, and computer modeling.     

·               Successful Archery Draw Hunt:
Archery hunters involved in the draw hunts below the dam and in Pelahatchie Bay have had a successful couple of weeks.  Four deer have been harvested so far this season.

·               Fishing activity slows, but not the bites:

Fishing reports are few and far between, due to the annual seasonal drop in fishing activity. However, those fishermen going are catching fish. The bass have moved up to the edges of the vegetation, following the shad migration from deeper water. Crappie are being caught in the main lake around cover 8-10 feet deep. Catfish are still falling for baits suspended from jugs, and surprisingly are biting best on shallow-rigged jugs in deep water. Big striped bass are holding on deep contour changes in the lower main lake but are on the move — here one day, way over there the next. They are constantly in search of food.

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