Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Large Buck Taken During Rez Draw Hunt

Local resident Kiel Higginbotham took a large bodied buck from his Madison-Spillway draw hunt on Thursday, November 13. The deer, taken from the ground, with a bow, weighed in at 255 pounds. Mississippi Sportsman Magazine already has a story written by the Rez' own, Bobby Cleveland. From the article:  

So a little before 7 a.m., with the sun above the horizon, the two guys walked into the woods and right to an unsuspecting buck that was taking a morning stroll through the bottom.
“We definitely weren’t intending on hunting on foot, just simply easing through the woods to quietly find a place on the edge of one of the sloughs to climb,” Higginbotham said. “I looked up and saw this buck and I told Brandon, ‘Stop, buck!’”
“We froze, right there,” said Dewease, of Collinsville. “I was about five yards behind him and I stopped and sort of half crouched and was looking right over his shoulder.”
So, now. let’s review their predicament. They are fully loaded down with climbing stands and backpacks strapped to their bodies, their hands full of bows and other equipment. A buck, a fat one at that, was about 60 yards away and walking toward an otherwise perfect shooting situation.

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