Monday, November 3, 2014

Overlay Meeting -- One Year Later

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 18, 2014, at 6 p.m.  At that date and time, at the Northwest Rankin Middle School, there will be a community meeting concerning the Overlay District.  The purpose will be to review the Overlay in the year since passage, so that it can be more effectively utilized in the future.

The following are anticipated to present during the meeting:

State Reps., Mark Baker and Brent Powell.
State Sen., Josh Harkins
Supervisor (Dist. 2 - Interim) Rodney Keith
Rankin County Office of Community Development, Renee Lawrence
PRVWSD, Exec. Dir., John Sigman
Sheriff, Bryan Bailey
Justice Court Judge, John Shirley

There will be a time for questions and answers.  If you are concerned about the Overlay and curious about its effect, please plan to attend.


Anonymous said...

Overlay District?

It is only a sign ordinance + no yard parking ordinance.

Anonymous said...

The meeting felt like more of a political rally. A lot of elected folks saying "look what we did", patting each other on their backs, and telling each other they are swell guys. Kind of a useless meeting.

msqueenkw97 said...

I consider all who put in the time to be of use and help to our community and I thank them. I wish I could have attended. While I see a great deal of improvement and would gladly pat some backs I still see too many signs out there. The obnoxious soccer signs put up at every single subdivision entrance a few months back was an eyesore. Also, I still have a few in Hanover that believe their driveway is still part of the street. While there is great improvement on this in Hanover, we still need some work or friendly reminders not to park on the street. I see a clear driveway but the kids are still parking in the street. It is still like a NASCAR obstacle course to weave in and out and avoid the work vans, trucks and various vehicles. Am I a nag on this? Yes, you bet. It looks like crap once you turn in to the subdivision and look to the left. Lets move those vehicles in off the street. The yard sale signs seem to be taken down in a timely manner. I would dearly love to be the leaf police as I am the only one in my area without a tree and have the most leaves in my yard but I will chill and be happy while blowing them back over to the neighbors who produced them!