Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This Week at the Rez

·        Holiday Schedule for PRVWSD
The PRVWSD will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday, December 24th and 25th for the Christmas Holiday and again on Thursday and Friday, January 1st and 2nd for the New Year’s Holiday.   We wish a happy and safe holiday season for all.
·        New Assistant Campground Manager’s Residence
The new residence for the Assistant Campground Manager at Timberlake Campground is entering the final stages of setup.  The new residence is located on the northeast side of the campground and will include a garage structure, landscaping and fencing.  When setup is complete, work will begin to demolish the old manager’s home.

·        Fishing Fever
It's not yet winter, but fishermen are already suffering withdrawals — well, at least most are. Others have taken advantage of the recent warm spell to get in a few hours of action. "Anytime you have a three- or four-day warm stretch between cold spells, you can expect to see an increase in bass activity," said Pete Ponds, a pro angler from Gluckstadt. "They sense the opportunity to feed and they will move shallow to take advantage. The key in the late fall or winter is finding shallow feeding areas adjacent to, and I mean extremely close to, deep water. Pad stems along the river channel or near a creek channel on the main lake are a good place to go look." Crappie fishermen need to find deep water and use electronics to located big schools of suspended fish, either shad on which crappie feed or the crappie themselves. The old lake beds in the main lake, like Three Prong, Long Lake, Oil Well Woods and Saddle Bags are good places to look, but most fishermen just start at the Highway 43 Bridge and the bridge on Northshore Parkway, both of which form funnels and offer standing structure to hold fish.

·        Hunting Opportunities

With deer and duck seasons open, Barnett Reservoir offers sportsmen a perfect opportunity for some isolated hunting adventures. About 10,000 acres of Pearl River Valley Water Supply District property are open to hunting, including backwater areas that are extremely attractive to waterfowl. Thanks to two Arctic cold blasts, the duck migration was early this year and ducks are more plentiful than usual for December. Of course, it’s deer season, too, and PRVWSD has a lot of ideal habitat, especially along the upper river area. Hardy sportsmen with access to a boat can find plenty of open space to chase their game of choice. Maps and regulations are available at all PRVWSD offices and campgrounds, as well as online at


Chris Merck said...

New Assistant Campground Manager’s Residence:
Nice trailer/mobile home. Really adds to the ambiance.

Mschviuz2 said...

How are they allowed to put up a mobile home on PRV property? When we PAY for land use and cannot do that?

Anonymous said...

Valid question there