Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Appeal from Federation of Rez Homeowners re Storage Facility

The Federation of Reservoir Homeowners sent out the following email concerning the proposed Lake Vista Storage zoning variance request.  The Application for Zoning Action (Conditional Use) is below the jump.

At the last meeting of the Federation of Reservoir Homeowners (FRH) on November 18, 2014, we discussed commercial property in the Reservoir Community District (RCD) and the need to monitor what “may be” built near platted RCD subdivisions.

“May be” has now arrived. A Public Hearing has been scheduled for Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. at the Rankin County Board of Supervisors office to discuss a special exemption (conditional use) and a dimensional variance to build a 50,000 square foot metal storage complex. A vote on this issue by the Rankin County Board of Supervisors is expected to occur the same day.

This 4.9 acre (Lot 4) will be named Lake Vista Storage and is located off Spillway Road south of Fred's / MEA Medical Clinic and is proposed to adjoin the north side of Regatta Subdivision. A report by Bridge and Watson is included for your information, as well as Applications for the 1) conditional use and 2) dimensional variance zoning action.

FRH has been contacted by the Regatta Homeowner Association and by many homeowners throughout the RCD, and it is our strong belief that the proposed metal storage facility will not increase homeowner values or improve the quality of life for nearby homeowners. A decreased value in any part or portion of RCD homes negatively effects all other RCD homeowners.

The FRH values your thoughts; please REPLY to this email by February 10 and send us your opinion and vote FOR or AGAINST the metal storage facility. You may forward this email to any resident in the RCD who may be concerned or affected.

You are welcomed and encouraged to attend the hearing on Tuesday, February 17 at 9:00 a.m., in Brandon at the Rankin County Board of Supervisors Meeting Room.


will said...

where is the address to write a letter or email?

Anonymous said... is the address.

Anonymous said...

I believe everyone who opposes this storage unit being forced on us to make it know to
Mark Baker
I'd say enough emails will get his attention.

Anonymous said...

Agree, he is getting paid to stick it to us.
But another culprit is the soon to be former 4th district Supervisor Walter Johnson.
Send him a email and explain how his realestate business wil be hurt if he does this to the citizens of District #2
Walter Johnson
Let them hear form us!!

Vicki McDowell said...

Would you remind readers about the supervisors meeting on the 17th regarding the storage units. thanks you, Vicki McDowell

Anonymous said...

Mr. Walter Johnson's Rankin County paid cell # is 601-906-6502

Please let him know about his stance concerning the storage units is upopular!!

Anonymous said...

How do you know that # is paid for by the tax payers?

Anonymous said...

The most remarkable thing Walter has done in all the years he has been supervisor is vote to raise our taxes!

Mike Lintro said...

It is interesting the effect a self storage facility can have on a community. For some people, it would be nice to live close to one. Especially if you are using it to store stuff for some kind of a business. Sometimes, it is better to use a self storage unit, then it is to rent out space. But, unlike rented out space, you won't be able to use it as an office.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Troy for allowing this post on storage in Australia. When I make it to the Land Down Under, I'll be sure and look this bloke up

Troy Odom said...

I didn't approve that comment. Someone else did. I'm not familiar with his link, and therefore wouldn't recommend clicking on it.

Edward Thirlwall said...

Self storage facilities are generally clean businesses. It's the people who don't take care of what goes in and comes out of their storage pods that might affect the environment!