Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rankin Justice System v. Hinds Justice System

Folks in the Reservoir area can easily recall the Christmas Eve armed carjacking committed by City of Jackson youth Eddie Devine at Bed, Bath and Beyond in the Dogwood Shopping Center.  WAPT Story link; WLBT Story link.  Mr. Devine was swiftly apprehended and he is presently enjoying life as a Rankin County inmate, under a no-bond order, as set by a Rankin County judge.  Kingfish over at Jackson Jambalaya has a great post demonstrating the difference between Rankin County Justice and Hinds County Justice.  It's a good read if you want a likely indication why less violent crime is committed in Rankin County.  

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Anonymous said...

Hinds county court system should be the laughing stock of the State, yet it is glossed over, excuses are made, and the criminals continue through the revolving door justice system of Tommie "Not Broken" Green... If the state can step in and take over a failing school district, surely they can step in and take over a failed justice system for Hinds COunty!