Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This Week at the Rez

Below is the email from PRVWSD, including an announcement that the Rez car tag has been manufactured, and is ready for purchase at your nearest Tax Collector's office.  Find out all you want to know about the Rez license plate through this prior post.

·        Turtle Point Nature Trail should be complete this week
The newest addition to the multipurpose trail system that surrounds Pelahatchie Bay should be completed “officially” by the end of this week.  Repairs to the parking area are underway.  The additional one-quarter mile scenic trail that wanders through the peninsula between Turtle Creek Subdivision and Forest Point Subdivisions, just off of Scenic Drive, has already seen activity from users of the multipurpose trails.    A kayak launch to serve the park should be installed and open for use before the end of February. 

·        The REZ Tag is now available

You may have already seen vehicles sporting the REZ tag on the road!  The tag is now available for purchase at your local tag office.  Put this good looking tag on your vehicle and help support our community.

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