Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Updated list of Qualified Candidates in Rankin County

Courtesy of the Circuit Clerk.  Sorry about the all caps.  I'm not trying to yell, that's just how it came to me:


CHANCERY CLERK:                     LARRY SWALES
                                                          GREG WILCOX

CIRCUIT CLERK:                          REBECCA ‘BECKY’ BOYD

CORONER                                      TONY GILMER


                                 DISTRICT TWO         BRAD A PATRIDGE
                                 DISTRICT THREEE   BARRY BEAN
                                 DISTRICT FOUR       GARY D WINDHAM

                                        DISTRICT ONE         KEVIN STEWART
                                        DISTRICT TWO        JOHN SHIRLEY
                                        DISTRICT TWO        TOMMY WHITFIELD
                                        DISTRICT THREE     JOSHUA MCCRORY
                                        DISTRICT THREE     'CRISS’ CHRISTOPHER  ZEBERT
                                        DISTRICT FOUR       KEN FAIRLY

SHERIFF                                        BRYAN BAILEY

                                                                         RICHARD MORRISON
                                                                         SUE TOWNSEND

                                      DISTRICT TWO        DANIEL CROSS
                                      DISTRICT TWO        DERREL PALMER
                                      DISTRICT THREE    BOB MORROW
                                      DISTRICT THREE    MIKE WALKER
                                      DISTRICT FOUR      WALTER JOHNSON
                                      DISTRICT FIVE        JAY BISHOP
                                      DISTRICT FIVE        RONNIE GARNER




Anonymous said...

I had understood Steve Gaines has qualified to run in District 4

Anonymous said...


B Franklin ? unknown in RCSD

S Townsend - experienced as school secretary, teacher, principal and other positions in education, has support of teachers, parents, and most of those that have worked with her

R Morrison - more of the same, has already proven bad judgement and abuse of power, married his former assistant principal, had influence in her obtaining high position as department head for RCSD, used his influence again to place his buddy as principal at NWRHS bypassing more qualified candidates, Rankin Schools need change, not more of the same

whatshername said...

Anonymous 10:17

You need to get your facts straight -
1. RMorrison was not even in the District office when Heather Burch was asked to take a position as a District Curriculum Specialist before being promoted to Director of Curriculum for RCSD. She is an exceptional educator and professional. Insinuating that she did not receive those positions due to her hard work and credentials is insulting and without merit.

2. Ben Stein is the best thing that has happened to NWRHS in a long time. He has fostered greater community involvement, improved teacher and student morale and created a stable and positive working/learning environment while at the same time encouraging and motivating NWRHS to improve and grow.

3. RMorrison was a respected teacher/coach/administrator and the RCSD office was lucky to get him. He is an honest man of impeccable character and high principles. He is exactly what Rankin County needs as the leader of our education system.

Anonymous said...

At this point it's between Franklin and Townsend. I will never vote for anyone connected to the current administration. I'm not alone in this sentiment.

Anonymous said...

I would expect that R orrison (as direct superior) would have had influence in the former Mrs. Burch's position promotion. They had to have made plans for their future at some point and while I don't know care about their personal lives I know it would be detrimental to the district to have a husband and wife in such high positions. This has got to stop in this county!

There were numerous qualified candidates for the principal position at NWRHS of which two specifically had more years of experience than the one chosen and one even had been head principal at one time.

I don't about the impeccable character of one who is dating their subordinate. Maybe his ex-wife could weigh in.

My facts are flawless and my opinion stands!

Anonymous said...

One other fact, most of the teachers do not have this imagined great morale and were sorely disappointed at BStein being promoted over other qualified candidates. I could not even repeat here what many parents who have had dealings with him would have to say. Sounds like your writing a mission statement and one that had been dreamed up. You obviously work at the district office.

Anonymous said...

I believe the current admin is afraid of Dr. Townsend taking the lead position here. She would definitely be a breathe of fresh air and not be a "yes man." I see a future of change from the old network if she wins and so excited for my students who currently attend in RCSD. I have hope that she will weigh and create an air of positive influence for our children rather than line her (and her relatives) pockets. If you care about your community please take note of this vote.

Anonymous said...

SURELY there MUST be a more qualified candidate for Rankin County Sheriff. You know, somebody that is not a part of the good 'ol boy system of years gone by.


Anonymous said...

Steve Gaines has qualified to run in District 4 !! This man is one of the most intelligent gentleman I have ever met! District 4 would be blessed to have this man as supervisor!!

Anonymous said...

Good grief! I hope we will be able to vote for Dr. Townsend. It seems RCSD is trying to take away our vote for superintendent. I believe the school board has already picked their choice. I made my choice and moved my children out of RCSD district. We are much happier now.

Anonymous said...

I read a letter to the editor of local paper regarding the school board's decision to hire a superintendent rather than allow voters to elect one. This writer made a wonderful point that it would seem our school board has placed their own personal agendas above the needs of our children in their actions on this issue. While I have read comments from some on the school board regarding their decision to do this and how it is "untimely", they have failed to explain why the rushed vote for this now. Could it be they have already picked their candidate and are afraid of that Dr. Townsend is gaining popularity? I know she has the support of most of the voters that I have spoken with about the election.

Anonymous said...

Townsend I'm sure has the support of the Cafeteria workers too.

Kingfish said...

Quit trying to post your comment because I'm not approving it. Don't bother arguing either.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to vote for Sue Townsend.

Chris Merck said...

Is this list up to date?
if not, can y'all repost with updates?
I know of at least one supervisor candidate missing.
thanks in advance

Chris Merck said...

nevermind guys,
I found it.

Anonymous said...

Now RCSD is bullying Mr. Huskey because he may support Dr. Townsend. He was placed on administrative leave with no comment regarding why he was punished. Dr. Townsend suggests it is because of his support of her. I am beginning to think of the current RCSD top level of administration as some sort of school district mafia. It would seem they are heck bent on Morrison getting the job and have tried everything so far to prevent anyone else from it. It is time for a change for the kids and parents of this county.