Monday, February 16, 2015

Email from Fed. of Rez Homeowners re Hearing

Below is the email from the Federation of Reservoir Homeowners concerning the cancelled/to-be-scheduled zoning variance hearing re Lake Vista Storage Units.

The hearing scheduled for February 17, 2015, has been cancelled. The variance request for zoning has been withdrawn for now.

Thanks to you, over 500 people signed a petition or sent an e-mail in opposition. Thanks also go out to the many of you who were planning to take off work and attend.

Please share this announcement with your friends who may have been planning to attend to let them know the hearing has been cancelled.

Homer Burns, President

Federation of Reservoir Homeowners


Anonymous said...

Question was asked in the previous post as to what they can put there if they can't do the storage center. I looked it up.

The answer is in the zoning ordinance which you can google. They can put in vet clinics, shopping centers and commercial buildings, and the buildings can be as much as 35 feet tall.

Anonymous said...

We all agreed to the over-lay zoning, it's the variances that some elected officials are trading for a quid-pro-quo?