Friday, February 27, 2015

New Businesses Around Rez Area

Readers have noticed a few new businesses in and around the Reservoir area lately.  I like to support locally owned (preferably independent) businesses.  Shop local.

Bark-N-Fun, 1127 Old Fannin Road.  "Hi everyone my name is Robbie Delancey. I will be the manager and groomer for Bark -N-Fun I look forward to taking care or all your furbabies needs. Come on by and look around we have a big play area for the babies to run and play and lots of toys for them to pick and choose from. When bringing your baby in for daycare or boarding Please be sure to bring proof of shots this is for the safety of your pet as well as the safety of our other pets. I look forward to seeing you give me a call at 601-502-5550 to set your grooming appointment today."

The Popcorn Place, 1679 Old Fannin Road.  From Ken Busby:  "The official opening is Tuesday, March 3rd but you can stop by Friday & Saturday and satisfy your taste buds. Lots of delicious and wild flavors!"

Tank's Dive Shop, 380 Ridge Way.  "Tanks Dive Shop is a new dive shop in the Flowood area specializing in dive certifications and dive travel."


Chris Merck said...

here's another!: Sports Clips by Kroger/Hungry Howies.
Opening Saturday, March 14th.

Anonymous said...

And another: A car wash in between the Sway's shopping center and a subdivision.

How did that get past the overlay regulations?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many of these newcomers don't even know where the Rez property begins and ends....

I guess anyone that's gonna pay that much money for a house south of spillway doesn't have that much sense to begin with.