Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stats Brought to You by Becky Boyd

I had the recent pleasure of listening to Rankin County Circuit Clerk, Becky Boyd, speak on the duties of her office.  In my opinion, Becky takes great pride, and joy, in providing the citizens information concerning her office and the records she maintains. Supplemental to her talk, Becky passed out information containing statistics kept by the circuit clerk's office.  I share them with you below.

Interesting to me were the following:

     -- 1917 new cases in Rankin County Court alone in 2014 (County Court is separate and distinct from Chancery, Circuit or Justice Court). That's over 5 new cases a day (including weekends).  Yes, we have two County Court Judges, but Judge Broome handles Youth Court matters almost exclusively.  Judge McDaniel may be the hardest working judge around.

     -- Nothing gets voters out like a Presidential election.  73.71% of registered voters exercised their right in Rankin County last Presidential election, compared to just 37% in the Thad Cochran v. Travis Childers race. Wow.

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