Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Highland Bluff and Oakdale Elementary Shifting Students

I apologize for the poor quality photo below.  It is a notice from the Rankin County School District stating that children who reside in the Cliffview, Hanover, and Pelahatchie Shores subdivisions would be shifted from Highland Bluff Elementary School to Oakdale Elementary School beginning next school year. 


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted this. I spoke with a parent affected by this change. They had just spoken with a school board member that told them "it's something they are considering, but had not voted on". Can you check on that?

Troy Odom said...

The letter states they voted on it at the March 18 School Board meeting. That makes it so. They can always rescind it, but it looks like some shift needs to happen.

Anonymous said...

I know what the letter says I was just confused as to why a board member would tell a parent that the issue was being considered but had not been voted on.