Monday, March 23, 2015

Suspicious Characters in Farmington Station

Occasionally, readers submit to me information regarding public safety.  For this, I am grateful. Below a reader submitted an email to me over the weekend concerning a pair of suspicious characters:

Troy, I have made Rankin Co aware of this, but trying to get the word out.  I live in Farmington Station.  A friend and I were driving into the neighborhood from Hugh Ward behind a white sedan (new, clean accord-ish car).  2 white males.  One flagged us down and said he needed help with a flat tire (which they did not have) and quickly shifted his story to "We are on our way back from Starkville and need money for gas" etc etc.  I offered to get them a gas can and they popped the trunk.  Obviously something was up.  I drove home to swap out cars to try to go back to the tag but they were gone.

The white male that exited the vehicle had blotches of concealer all over his face.  This appeared that he was hiding speed sores.  They were quite obviously tweaking and looking to jack some unsuspecting passers by.  I have driven around the neighborhood trying to locate the car, but I imagine they have moved on to another neighborhood.  Just looking to get the word out so everyone is on alert.


Anonymous said...

There is something shady going on at the second house on the left when turning in to Barnett Bend (the first one coming from Spillway Rd.) Not good for our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

We all have to look out for each other or we will become like Jackson. The greater the population, the more likihood of crime and undesirables moving in.

Anonymous said...

9:58 I agree, I drive home that way and have seen numerous shady characters at the aforementioned house and the one next to it. The problem is landlords will rent these homes to anyone. I hope it doesn't find its way back to Oak Grove.