Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Pearl River Valley Reservoir Project

I'm not sure how I missed this.  The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District published on its website The Pearl River Valley Reservoir Project, a 45 page document, complete with footnotes, written in 1962 by James E. Sorrels, of the Bureau Governmental Research at the University of Mississippi.  

From the Summary and Conclusion:

          While water supply increasingly is becoming a national problem, the Pearl River Reservoir will stand as an illustrious example of urban and regional planning independent of Wash· ington. This independence is not easy. The Mississippi taxpayer residing within the district area will have to ((foot the bill." From all indications, it will he money well spent. 

        The immediate future may reveal that aggressive self-interest motivated a few men in backing the reservoir. It seems much dearer, though, that the vast majority of the steps leading to its creation came from enlightened public interest. 

        Out of the collective thinking of leaders in five central Mississippi counties evolved a regional watershed plan designed to grace human life in the area for generations to come. As former Governor Hugh White characterized it, the Pearl River Reservoir was "Big League" thinking. 


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We should change the name back to Pearl River Reservoir.

Ross Barnett is an embarrassment to our history.

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Agreed. Just another racist democrat.