Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Try the New Fish Cleaning Station for the Halibut

The Pearl River Valley decided the mullet over no more and tackled the challenge of constructing a fish-cleaning station at the Leake County Water Park.  Apparently, the constant carping from local anglers schooled the PRVWSD into action.  This new oppor-tuna-ty includes a concrete pad, roof, and power hookups, among other amenities.  I heard it's a real dive, but let minnow if you sea a better fish cleaning station in the Jackson metro area.


Anonymous said...

Ok... I laughed at this post everytime I read it... Hallibut...Mullet... Minnow... Sea HA! Glad to know you have such a punny sense of humor, Troy!

golferinmississippi said...

Holy Mackerel! You really schooled us on that one, you never Flounder-ed. I had been Herring that they wanted to build that. I am Bream-ing with excitement to use it! Maybe it will Drum up more fishermen in the Rez area. Someone should Perch right there and count how many folks use it!