Friday, April 17, 2015

Keep the Rez Beautiful Needs You Tomorrow!

Huge volunteer opportunity tomorrow.  Here is a way for you to make a substantial contribution to improving your community.

From Jeannine May of Keep the Rez Beautiful:

TGIF everyone!
We are going to set up tomorrow at Lakeshore Park at 8:00 a.m.
The weather update is showing 35% rain at 8 a.m. until 12 pm 42%.

The Plan
Lakeshore.  Volunteers will register, and must sign the event liability and photo release form first! I will need a few people there to help register people.
So far, I have Nancy, myself and Martha helping with registration at Lakeshore.
Mr. Bob will need some volunteers to help plant ferns and shade plants in front of the restrooms. We will need volunteers to help plant daylillies in the guard station. I looked at the Rain garden yesterday and it is a wetland. I am going to bring my weed eater and at least knock some of the large weeds out. Look out I am dangerous with my weed eater...ha
We will have Reservoir Police Officer, Lt. Wayne Cockrell on patrol tomorrow. His number is 601-750-8662 if you have any issues.(AND WE PRAY WE WON'T)
Turtle Point Nature Area - Jeff Roberts is our leader. Jeff, we may have people show up at Turtle Point NA that don't know they are suppose to go to Lakeshore and register. That's ok, Leigh Anne will be with Jeff at Turtle Point. We could really use another volunteer that knows how to plant trees here with Jeff and Leigh Anne. She will have a clip board with an extra Liability release for them to sign. They must sign this sheet before volunteering. The trees for Turtle Point and the shrubs for the entrances at Bay Park and H. View are all being delivered to my house today. I will put out the orange flags today with the names of the trees on them where they are to be planted at Turtle Point. The oaks and fruit trees are bare root and should be easy to plant. Bring gloves, extra shovels if you have them.
Bay Park and Harbor View Entrances.  Joy and Igor are our leads at these areas. They have volunteers lined up to green up their entrance beds! They will pick the shrubs and flowers (include Butterfly Milkweed! ) at my house this afternoon. Thanks PRVWSD maintenance for your outstanding help!
We will have garbage bags, bottled water and latex gloves at Lakeshore and Turtle Point Nature Area.
We will have litter grabbers for the two subs that have volunteers that will be picking up litter....
We have 100 T shirts that say, Keep The Rez Beautiful. Volunteer. They are all Large, Ex Large and some 2X. The only get a T shirt if they sign the Liability statement the Pledge Card sheet and volunteer.
We have lots daylilies to plant and give out to neighborhoods who want to plant them on their own. So far, some are going to Bridgetown, Waterwood, Camellia Trails, Forest Point, Turtle Creek, Harbor View and Bay Park. I have designated about 100 of these for PRVWSD beds in various locations also to be planted later by volunteers
Sincerely, J
Jeannine May
Keep The Rez Beautiful, Director
601 421-6160
"Treasure the Rez"

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