Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Judges Coming to Rankin and Madison Counties

House Bill 703 was signed by the Governor last week.  This Bill provides for the creation of an additional Chancery Judge position for the 20th Chancery District, composed completely of Rankin County.  This will bring the total of Chancery Judges to three in Rankin County.

Madison County, which shares the 11th Chancery District with Holmes, Yazoo, and Leake Counties, also adds a third Chancery Judge to its ranks.

Qualification for these judicial positions already began, with a June 1 deadline to qualify.  Elections for these positions will coincide with the general election in November since they are non-partisan. Those elected will serve an initial three-year term.

Rankin and Madison share a Circuit Court District. We presently have two Circuit Court Judges in this district. House Bill 703 adds a third.  Qualification and election will take place as outlined above.

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