Thursday, April 9, 2015

Possible Businesses Coming to Rez Area

Osaka to the old China Buffet location and Cafe Lagniappe to the old B's Cafe/Jo's Diner location in the Fannin Market strip mall.

Mind you, these are complete and utter rumor.  What we know not to be rumor is Boo's Smokehouse coming soon to the old Spill Grill/Pizza Hut location in front of Revell Ace Hardware.


Anonymous said...

B's is closed? Really no surprise. I tried it. Was it trying to be a night club? Juke Joint? Meeting place for wanna be pimps?
But the B's Clown at Old Fannin Rd. shaking his home made sign advertising breakfast was weird.

Anonymous said...

Osaka would be a great addition. I hope that rumor is true.

Ray said...

Miss our #1 China Buffet. It was a regular weekly dinner date. Where else could 2 seniors get all you can eat for $15.79? (Total, not each!)