Thursday, April 23, 2015

Variance Request for Topsoil Removal

Have you seen this sign at the corner of Hidden Hills Parkway and Lakeland Drive?  A call to the number provided indicates the owner requests a condition use variance in order to perform surface mining operations, i.e., mine the topsoil.

I believe it is 16th Section land.  A search of the MS Secretary of State's website indicates no leases of the surface beyond a 63.8 acre lease to the Rankin County School District (for Highland Bluff Elementary), and nominal leases to various parties for easements, etc.

If anyone has further information, please feel free to provide.


Anonymous said...

GPS coordinates?

Billy Mitchell said...

Another gravel/sand pit? If not properly maintained, the runoff will further pollute the reservoir, via Mill Creek, probably. It is believed the school district is already negligent in maintaining the gravel pit that sends red, muddy rain runoff down the hill next to Hanover and into Pelahatchie Bay.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Billy Mitchell! The prvwsd will dredge it all out...
they are 2 or 3 decades behind on that.
well, have no fear. They can use that new revenue stream of boat fees to pay their bloated salaries--ERRR- i meant, catch up on dredging!
Where is Keep the Rez Beautiful on this runoff matter?
Thats right- they are building a park and havin a faux fashion show to build their coffers.
Another day in the life of the PRV leaseholder/Rankin county resident

B MItchell said...

>Anonymous 10:37 - Jeanine May, myself and KRB are all over the runoff thing and have been for quite some time. John Sigman of PRV, by the way, is an ally in the fight against the runoff problem.

Anonymous said...

Geez - all you people ever do is gripe and complain. It will produce revenue for our schools, and DEQ will make sure there is no silt runoff problem.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest you and everyone else attend the supervisor board meeting May 4. Several zoning variances coming up that GREATLY affect our property values. BE THERE OR STOP COMPLAINING

Anonymous said...

B Mitchell,
that's nice. Guess he can control all that runoff from non PRV land too?
if only he could get the dredging done that is decades behind...smh