Monday, May 4, 2015

Board Denies Lake Vista Storage Request

Rankin County Board of Supervisors votes down the zoning variance request from Lake Vista Storage 3-2.  Morrison and Johnson voted for zoning request.  Keith, Wilcox and Bishop voted for against it.

Kate Royals did a good job keeping those of us with day jobs in the loop from Twitter. Here's a gem from her Twitterfeed:

 Dr Homer Burns, speaking in opposition to the storage unit, said Parker's group speaking in support was "the best group money could buy."


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Homer Burns, Rodney Keith, Greg Wilcox and Jay Bishop. Thank you to all who spoke. Spillway road is the entrance to our community and we absolutely oppose the variance for something that is not C2. This goes against everything we fought for with the overlay. There is plenty of vacancy in the numerous existing storage facilities. There was overwhelming opposition from local residents in our district to this. Thank you for doing the right thing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please tell your neighbors not to allow TEAM Johnson to sell a house in District #2!!

Anonymous said...

Why would the two supervisors who voted for the storage facility do that? What kind of business men are they that don't recognize that this area is different from theirs. Something is definitely wrong when they would go against the will of the majority of residents living in the district in question. YES, SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY WRONG. We need business men with common sense who want to improve all of Rankin county. Not ones with a vendetta against a certain district