Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Candidates Forum Open Thread

Yesterday afternoon, the Federation of Reservoir Homeowners hosted a candidates forum for candidates of Districts 2 and 5, Rankin County Board of Supervisors.  Unfortunately, another event conflicted my schedule.  Therefore, I need your opinions and thoughts on how the candidates performed.  Fire away!

Tony Greer, candidate for Public Service Commission, was in attendance and took some pictures of the event.  


Lori Voss said...

I attended the Meet the Candidates last night and was glad I did. I had been leaning towards one candidate for District 2 and changed my mind after last night. We have three good candidates on the Republican side, but I felt one was the strongest. I will cast my vote for Darrell Palmer. Mr. Palmer was extremely knowledgeable and also seemed to have the right kind of fire in his belly for this job. He also has worked himself into a position to have the time necessary to do the job right. Also, he didn't strike me as the type that can be backed into a corner when the heat is on and he needs to stand firm for District 2. Lastly, I believed him when he said he wants to attend any HOA meeting he can to better understand the concerns of the citizens of District 2. I will have a sign in my yard for Darrell Palmer!

Derrel Palmer said...

Thank You, Lori!! I'd love to visit with you more and get you that sign. You can reach me through my website, or email me directly at