Thursday, May 21, 2015

PRVWSD Press Release Concerning Usage Fee Vote

Below is the press release from the PRVWSD concerning the rescission of the proposed lake usage fee.

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Darryl Hamilton said...

I don't have a boat or a jet ski or a kayak/canoe. I am a lease holder, however, and there's literally nothing I enjoy more than sitting in my backyard enjoying the scenery of the reservoir, the flora and fauna thereof, and waving 'Hi' to the boaters that pass by.

For the PRV to announce a reservoir usage fee for recreational boaters (the majority of which are likely not lease hold owners) that would be put aside for maintenance and enhancements for their boating enjoyment... and to rescind this fee because of "comments both pro and con" is ludicrous.

It will be interesting to see what "additional revenue sources" will be sussed out that doesn't come out of the current leasehold owners' pockets.