Monday, June 29, 2015

Alderman, Kathy Smith's Home Struck by Lightning

City of Flowood Alderman, Kathy Smith, lost much of her home to a lightning strike Friday afternoon.  Below is an email sent by the Flowood Chamber of Commerce.

Once again, tragedy has hit close to home in the form of a another house fire.  Alderman Kathy Smith's house was struck by lightening Friday afternoon.  The Smith family will be in a hotel for the next 10 days and then in a rental home while their house is being rebuilt. 

Please keep the Smith family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time of loss. If you want to help, we are accepting gift card donations at the Chamber office.  

Thank in advance for your generosity.



Anonymous said...

Lightning is the proper spelling.

Troy Odom said...

Thank you. Post edited to reflect proper spelling.