Friday, June 12, 2015

Development Around Pelahatchie Bay

Below is a comment from a reader that needs its own post.  The topic: development of the remaining timberland surrounding Pelahatchie Bay.

I have lived on the Reservoir since 1968 and am proud of the actions of the Pearl River Water Supply District Board of Directors for their actions in developing walking and bike trails around Pelahatchie Bay.

Recently I purchased a recumbant "Trike" and participated in the historically first Recumbant  Bike Rally sponsored by BikeSouth. I have since been riding for my health 12 miles every other day around Pelahatchie Bay. It is pleasant and a blessing to live in an area of natural environs.

This week I noticed while riding between Hwy 471 and Waterwood Subdivision the PRV has posted a sign saying that the beautiful wooded area adjacent to Plumber's slew is available for lease. I am aware that the legislature has not gotten it together about finances for the Reservoir from boat fees. I do think that is not a dead issue. But the development of subdivisions in the subject area offends me.The thought of commercial leases in the area is even more offensive.

If I allow myself to reflect on what happened between my Subdivision of Bay Park and Reservoir Shopping Center several years ago when the Reservoir Board , despite our objections, leased duplexe lots for additional revenue, I can really get upset.

Several years ago the Reservoir Board spent lots of money developing retaining walls along the waterway parallel to and just south of Northshore Parkway. There are several dirt roads leading from Northshore Parkway back into that area where the retaining walls are. To my knowledge no development has taken place along the center of  the south side of Northshore Parkway west of Fox Bay Subdivision. Is the Board planning to develop that entire area?

I understand that inflationary times are challenging. I do believe as residents and leasors of Reservoir property our opinions and desires should be heard. I intend to express my opinions to the PRV Board and hope others will do likewise. 


Anonymous said...

I feel the same about developing that piece of property - it shouldn't be allowed. It looks like a wetland area - has anyone checked on it? It also doesn't look like enough land to build on. If anything is to be developed there, why not a boardwalk like the one at Turcotte or a couple of decks to view the natural habitat.

Sounds like there needs to be a petition in the works...

Anonymous said...

The guy has been living in Bay Park since 1968? Most of his neighbors
are renters. He really has other issues!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I really hope not. I live close to this area and do not want to see another subdivision and if duplexes go -I am moving. That entire area is a swamp. I can't imagine building anything on it. I would think future yards would flood as that is what happens currently with the rain. I too love this area of nature and enjoy living on this part of Spillway. Why would they want this to destroy this? The local elementary schools will have to rezone the school lines yet again to fit another large group of students in. We have had to move our students twice already back and forth from Northshore to Oakdale. This is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I understand that someone had already proposed the Fish House on four arces for lease in the Wetlands. That means building an access road, cutting right through the trail from Spillway-- increasing the risk of a tipsy customer driving into a bicyclist or worse, a family riding their bicycles. Unfortunately, there will be a meeting of the Shoreline Committee on Monday, June 15, 2015 at the PRV offices next to Cock of the Walk at 3:30 pm. The four acre plot is on the agenda. It seems that the PRV is fast-tracking it... notice the time 3:30. That's when most of the Rez residents work- they won't be able to attend the meeting to protest. One would think choosing this particular time is suspicious. Just my two bits.

Anonymous said...

There is PRV website for you to send your feelings directly to the members of the board of directors of the Shoreline Committee of PRV. You can direct your comments to:

Anonymous said...

This is not what I wanted when I moved to the reservoir. The board has been making poor decisions as of late that are not in the interest of leaseholders. Too much development is not a good thing. I notice the Madison county side is keeping much of their area undeveloped while Rankin side is getting rid of all the wetlands for lease, including the remainder of Spillway and on the Northshore. Just a tiny pocket will be left near Pelahatchie Bay for wildlife. If sticter zoning isn't put in place our property values will decline.

Anonymous said...

They need income, Lee Yancey was on the right track when he tried to get the a Legislature to abolish PRV.

Disband the Police, allow the Rankin and Madison County sheriffs departments to patrol & protect.

Put a freeze on hiring and salary increases.