Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Illegal Whisky Maker Arrested

Sandhill resident, Sidney Lawrence Smith, was arrested recently for distilling illegal liquor at his home.  Snippets from the WLBT article are below.  I love how the undercover agents needed to make "multiple" purchases.

"75-year-old Sidney Lawrence Smith, from the Sandhill Community in Rankin County, faces charges connected with the operation of an illegal distillery (still).
"Alcoholic Beverage Control agents conducted an investigation spanning six months, during which they made 'multiple undercover purchases of illegal whiskey."

"On June 16, ABC agents assisted by the Rankin County Sheriff's Department executed a search warrant at Smith's home.

"Mr. Smith was charged with the sale and possession of alcohol in a dry county, the manufacture of illegal whiskey, and the possession of a still."

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