Thursday, June 11, 2015

Judicial Candidates for Rankin County Judgeships

The Mississippi Legislature recently created a new Chancery Judge position for Rankin County.  Presently, we have two judges, John Grant, and John McLaurin.  In November, we will elect a third. The qualifying deadline for that position passed on June 1.  The following are the candidates:

  -- Haydn Roberts, former staff attorney for the Chancery Court and current Family Special Master;
  -- Prentiss Grant, of the Prentiss M. Grant Law Office;
  -- Rusty Williard, sole practitioner; and
  -- Jim Nix, of Jones & Nix, PLLC

The Legislature also created a new Circuit Court Judge for the Madison/Rankin District.  The candidates for that position are:

  -- Marty Miller, assistant district attorney under Michael Guest;
  -- Michael Wolf, with Page, Kruger & Holland, P.A.
  -- Steve S. Ratcliff, County Judge for Madison County
  -- Chris Walker of Markow Walker, P.A.

We will vote on these individuals on November 3 on a non-partisan ballot.

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Anonymous said...

Previously when I thought of the duties of a chancery Judge, I thought family court.

Now after seeing the power Judge Grant has wielded( demanding a new court house be built, influenced the naming of the Judge replacing Judge Fairly, and then demanding the special master position be filled by a candidate seeking the job in a upcoming election. The chancery position is much more than I have ever thought or seen it to be.