Friday, June 26, 2015

Roosevelt State Park July 4th Celebration

Sour about the cancellation of the boat parade? Register your boat for the big Fourth of July Celebration at Roosevelt State Park.  This event is sponsored by the Friends of Roosevelt State Park.  Call them at 601.732.6316.  


Anonymous said...

Wow. having the celebration ON the 4th of July, not a week early. Maybe the Reservoir people could check their calendars... LOL

Anonymous said...

The fireworks for July 4th are listed to begin at 8:00. Seems the time should have been 9:00 in order to allow the sun to go down sufficiently to see the firework show... Perhaps it can be pushed back an hour?

Anonymous said...

The Reservoir people purposely use the saturday before so that the employees of the Reservoir can spend time with their famalies on the 4th. This is a huge event every year and it takes a lot of manpower and money to put on an event thats free to the public.