Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2011 Story: Flowood's Request to Annex NW Rankin Schools

Here is a link to a story Jim McDowell wrote in 2011. It concerned comments Flowood Mayor, Gary Rhoads, made at a Rankin County School Board meeting related to Northwest Rankin Attendance Zone. Flowood was, at that time, exploring the possibility of creating an independent school district from the schools in the Northwest Rankin Attendance Zone. I've heard nothing more about this possibility, but it always struck me as a significant statement; one that would have a profound, negative effect on the remaining schools in the Rankin County School District if it ever occurred. It certainly concerned the citizen readers of the Rez News; check out the "comments" section.  This story made me appreciate the asset Jim was to our community. 


Anonymous said...

Reading those comments makes me wish Rhoads had followed through with his threat. Four years later and we still have no improvements made. Pretty soon, the property values will start reflecting the chaos that is NWR middle and high schools.

And when is Anne up for reelection? She needs to go. My dog would've gotten more done for the NWR zone.

Anonymous said...

NWR schools have really been neglected by the Rankin County School District. The Middle and High School academic facilities are an embarrassment. The 6th grade had to be sliced into pieces and demoted to the elementary schools because the Middle School was just far too congested.

All of this is highly unacceptable.

Bill Shearer said...

4 years and nothing... I hope this supe election spurs on a new bond issue. Of course, the State Leg isn't doing anybody any favors... Vote 42