Monday, July 6, 2015

Candidate Profile for Kyle Brown

Continuing with the Candidate Profiles published in the Rankin Record, below are the responses from District 2 Supervisor Candidate, Kyle Brown.

Name: Kyle Brown
Age: 29
Occupation: Economic Development
Education: Bachelor of Arts, International Studies; Master of Science, Economic Development – University of Southern Mississippi
Family: Parents, Wood and Cheryl Brown; Brothers, Eric and his wife Tanza and their three children Clayton, Joshua, and Caleb; Shane and his wife April; and Ryan.
What makes you the best candidate in your particular race?
My background in economic development make me uniquely qualified because I work on issues from land use to zoning to transportation on a daily basis. I know that to build a strong county we must continue to invest in infrastructure, continue to have strong schools, and keep taxes low so we can bring more and higher paying jobs to Rankin County.
What is one thing voters should know about you before going to the polls?
I know first-hand that being District 2 Supervisor is a full time job, and, if elected, I plan on making being supervisor my full-time job.
In your opinion what is the single most crucial issue facing Rankin County?
Rankin County continues to grow, and we must ensure that our infrastructure, land use, public safety, and zoning address the needs of today and are prepared for future prosperity.
Have you ever run for or held public office before? If so, what office?
I have not ever run for or held public office.
What jobs/experiences have you had that you feel qualify you for political office?
I have previously worked at a local engineering firm where I administered millions of dollars in water and sewer projects and worked on projects that included multiple jurisdictions. Presently, I work in local economic development where I try to bring businesses to Rankin County. I also have been successfully in applying for and receiving grants.
What historical figure (dead or alive) inspires you most and why?
A historical figure I look to is a person like Thomas Edison. Edison is known as being an innovator, never giving up, and improving the world. I think Thomas Edison could have given up after his idea of the light bulb failed the first time but he kept trying and once successful he kept improving his invention.


Anonymous said...

Would Supervisor Brown be in favor of diverting County money to the City of Brandon.

Anonymous said...

Would he consider Electrocuting an elephant to prove a point?

Anonymous said...

Ryan, you should have used a Donkey in your analogy