Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Superintendent of Ed Candidate Richard Morrison Q & A

Continuing with our candidate profile series, below are the answers submitted to the Rankin Record by Superintendent of Education candidate, Richard Morrison:

Richard Morrison


Assistant Superintendent of Education for Rankin County School District

Forest Hill High School 1982

Delta State University 1987
B.S. Education

Mississippi College 1996
M.A. Educational Leadership

Delta State University 
Currently pursuing Ph.D.

Wife:               Heather
Children:        Katelyn (17)
                        Chase (12)
                        Watson (11)
                        Walker (10) 

Q & A
What makes you the best candidate in your particular race? 

I am the best candidate and most qualified for the Rankin County Superintendent race for several reasons.  My career experiences have provided me with the knowledge and resources necessary to effectively lead RCSD. My recent positions as a high school principal of an A rated school, assistant superintendent, and as Vice Chairman of the Mississippi School Board of Education allowed me the opportunity to experience all aspects of the educational field.  These experiences include but are not limited to: serving as an instructional and curriculum leader, understanding school facility management, developing partnerships with Mississippi High School Activities Association, working with legislators to develop educational policy, and establishing cohesive relationships with community partners including our local city councils, police, fire, and emergency responders. Finally, I am a current practicing K-12 educator. I know what our students need to be successful through all educational stages and I know how to ensure they will be successful. 
What is one thing voters should know about you before going to the polls?

Voters in Rankin County should know my experience with RCSD has allowed me an opportunity to understand what changes are necessary to move our district forward.  I am committed to making those changes with honesty, integrity and transparency. 

In your opinion what is the single most crucial issue facing Rankin County?

For Rankin County School District, the single most crucial issue is planning for the future of our school zones.  The success of our school district is essential to the economic growth of Rankin County.  Success for our district is not only defined through educational ratings, but also through effective strategic planning which meets the needs for all school zones. Currently, we have over 90 portables being used as classrooms for students. I will advocate and support a bond issue that will only include building classrooms for our students. I am committed to work with our community leaders and school board to develop a plan that will ensure we give each school zone the best schools in Mississippi.

Have you ever run for or held public office before? If so, what office?

I have never run for public office. 

What jobs/experiences have you had that you feel qualify you for political office?

I have held a variety of educational positions including:  bus driver, teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent and Vice Chairman Mississippi School Board of Education. These positions have allowed me the opportunity to understand all levels of the educational system. In 2005, I was selected as the Mississippi Assistant Principal of the Year and the Mississippi Principal of the Year in 2011.  Additionally, I am a National Institute for School Leadership graduate and currently serve on the Millsaps College Principal Institute Board.
What historical figure (dead or alive) inspires you most and why?

My parents and Tony Dungy inspire me and ultimately influenced how I developed as a leader. My parents instilled many values important to me including honesty, respect, and trust. My parents are role models that believe in the power of prayer and the importance of family.  I also value how Tony Dungy stresses true leaders understand the importance of developing relationships and strive to help others in their organization to be successful. 

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Shane said...

Only new classrooms? NWR needs a whole new high school.

BTW, isn't a PhD a requirement for this job?